love, american style

april 28 – june 11, 2011
opening reception: thursday, april 28, 6-8pm

The Elizabeth Harris Gallery is pleased to present a new installation titled, Love, American Style by Lisa Hoke. This will be her fifth one-person exhibition at the gallery.

The exhibition, Love, American Style, is composed of site- specific assemblages that the artist has built in her studio. The sculptures undergo an expansion process that connects them during installation, making one flow into the next.

Hoke is an ardent fan of Jacques Tati’s films and has admired his depiction of cultural consumerism and his visual sense of humor.  This installation is inspired by Tati’s vision of our contemporary society.

The artist finds horror and delight at the endless displays of American goods.  The competing, eye-popping lure they produce has a call and response effect.  To find the vast quantities of raw materials necessary for her work, Hoke has developed a support network, including her building’s superintendent who helps collect the colorful packaging and brightly printed cardboard that she uses.

Lisa Hoke’s strong attraction to color informs and helps sort a diverse collection of studio refuse and to collate a wider range of raw materials, including the packaging and advertising of products, matchbooks, boxes and containers of all types. From generic to specific, she creates a landscape of color that is reflected in the choice of the dizzying array of materials that is found in every store, street and bin.

Stuart Horodner writes in an essay "By the Dozens". " Lisa Hoke challenges notions of mastery, permanence and fixed meaning, her often unwieldy assemblages and installations pack a hard-to-define emotional punch. Hanging from the ceiling, or ricocheting around the architecture of a room, the pieces address exuberance, contingency, saturation and unreliability".

Lisa Hoke’s work can currently be seen at MASS MoCA in an installation at Kidspace.  The exhibition, Basic Utensils, runs until September 5, 2011.

Lisa Hoke’s installation of The Gravity of Color, New Britain, which was realized at The New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT in June 2008 and will be on view for 2 to 5 years. In conjunction with the New Britain installation there is a new catalog available documenting the past 4 years of installations by the artist.  Lisa Hoke lives and works in New York City.

The gallery is located at 529 West 20th Street, 6th floor, and is open Tuesday through Saturday 11-6.  There will be a reception for the artist on Thursday, April 28th, from 6-8 pm.

for further information contact miles manning at 212 463-9666